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Putting your property up for sale is always an important step that should not be taken lightly. By entrusting your real estate project to the ANDER’CA Luxury Real Estate Agency, you are ensuring that you put all the chances on your side.

We offer you as a priority this form of representation : THE PREMIUM MANDATE

Because the PREMIUM MANDATE is the most optimal way to carry out your sale under the best conditions, we recommend you this form of representation. Thus, we have higher success rates than the rest of the market!

Don't let chance control your real estate projects anymore… Entrust them to a professional!

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Choosing a new home, whether for your primary or secondary residence, is a hazardous task and full of pitfalls!

After defining your project together, we will advise you and only offer you properties that benefit from excellent value for money and fully meet your criteria, in order to save you time and so that you can make your investment with complete confidence and peace of mind.

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Sale and Rental in Paris

We can also propose you, within the framework of our partnerships, of the best professionals in Paris for the sale or the rental of your estate assets. Contact us for any information.

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Rental management

We can also offer you the rental management of your properties by our partner specialized in rental management, based in Paris. From our side, we assure you the search for the best candidate profiles (in compliance with the law on discrimination, article 225-1 of the penal code) as well as the on-site follow-up of any constraints with our professional partners (painter, plumber, electrician, etc.).

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